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CHKr is the ULTIMATE Inventory Management & Loss Prevention tool

CHKr is able to encode multiple data layers within one image. Every image is unique, thus every tag is unique. Encrypted data layers prevent both replication and tampering making CHKr the MOST secure tag on the market.

CHKr’s advanced encryption mechanisms ensure that sensitive information remains safeguarded against unauthorized access or manipulation. By embedding multiple data layers seamlessly within each image and employing robust encryption techniques, CHKr sets a new standard for security in tagging technology. This unparalleled level of protection not only safeguards against replication but also fortifies the integrity of the tagged data, establishing CHKr as the foremost choice for organizations seeking uncompromising security solutions.

Minimize Shrinkage and Save Money

Experience the power of CHKr's cutting-edge technology, delivering real-time, precision-based information on every product. Our military-grade encryption ensures an impenetrable shield against counterfeiting, guaranteeing the authenticity of your products while providing up-to-the-minute accurate details. With CHKr, stay one step ahead with a robust and secure solution for your supply chain needs.

CHKr is a Multifaceted Authentication Technology

CHKr Seamlessly Integrates Various Components Into
Business Workflows

CHKr seamlessly integrates various components into business workflows, offering adaptability and efficiency across the supply chain. The database ensures easy access to geographic and supplier source data, aiding compliance reporting. The App serves as a user-friendly interface, enabling on-the-go tracking and traceability. The CHKr card and ID provide physical authenticity, enhancing security measures, while the embedded chip adds an extra layer of data protection.

Moreover, the original CHKr tag acts as a unique identifier, facilitating precise inventory management and supply chain visibility. Together, these components create a comprehensive solution, empowering businesses to confidently navigate their operations with transparency, security, and streamlined workflows.

CHKr Database

Efficient and streamlined data management.


Secure personalized identification.

CHKr App

Seamlessly access on-the-go with our user-friendly app.

CHKr Chip

Advanced microchip technology for accurate tracking and tracing.

CHKr Card

Compact and convenient card with military grade encryption. 

CHKr Tag

Versatile tagging for easy and effective item tracking.